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Your fishing guide, other than bringing you to the right fishing spots also acts as a personal coach, & his expertise will assist those anglers who are good listeners & open-minded to keep a tight line and maintain maximum pressure to prevent costly errors. This applies especially to billfish above the 40kg range.

Common errors made by eager-to-score anglers are not keeping a tight line throughout the duration of the fight, not following the fish, & trying to ‘horse’ or haul in a fish with brute strength without any regard to form & technique in the belief that they’re gaining back line. Avoid the common mistake of lowering the rod before you begin reeling. You should crank the reel and bring the rod tip down at the same time to maintain a tight controlled line.

Fishing is an art & science, so a dose of finesse and the proper fish-fighting techniques are required without the need for over-exertion. Name of the game is just ‘reelax’! Don’t sweat it & enjoy the fight with good form & technique for a ‘reelin’ good time. All professional crew members understand the teamwork it takes to get a big fish alongside the boat & release it safely. Any good team needs a good coach, & coaching the angler is part of the guide’s job.

The guide will endeavor to assist you irrespective of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned angler. Bluesails guides are conservation-minded, highly experienced and very enthusiastic about fishing. We encourage our clients to hook their own fish & then release their catch, & invite them to be as hands-on as they like. Turning hook-sets to hook-ups is the job of the professional guides, so please let the guide know in advance if you want to do your own hook-set that may or may not result in a hook-up. Generally, it would be good to experiment with your own hook-set only after you’ve boated at least one.

Good guides know when to back-off or increase the drag manipulation. It’s best left to the guide, unless you’re using your own gear & are familiar with the drag settings.

Bluesails guides are committed, focused, honest, reliable, and responsible for your safety on board, & they work hard to get the bites. Bluesails guides believe in a pro-active approach to fishing, are constantly ready to move and are always looking out for signs of bird & fish activity. Hence, sight-casting with spinning gear to tailers with livies is not uncommon. Constantly, making the call to move or switch locations in search of the bites is the order of the day. The guides are always looking out for Sails finning, tailing or ‘sleepers’, not simply letting out livies on balloons at a known ‘bus-stop’ & hoping for a strike, or getting the odd Sail visiting a known FAD set up by local commercial fishermen. Getting the odd 1 or 2 Sails at these FADs does not justify the true Sailfishing potential of these waters, but most local charters are fuel-sensitive & resist the urge to go further afield.

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