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2007 Season Summary

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Bluesails would like to thank everyone who fished with us & helped to make this yet another amazing season. We were fortunate enough to be the most successful billfishing charter at K. Rompin again with about 354 Sails released for the season. There was also a notable 50lb plus Cobia boated by Ed Fitzgerald on 17.06.2007 which is believed to be the largest boated to date & a ripper of a 10.2kg Spanish Mack (for these waters) boated by Todd Pearson on 10.05.2007! Laird & Rick with their sons had a Rompin Grand Slam boating Sails, a Marlin & Macks on our first trip of the season on March 17,18th. There were several trips throughout the season with consistent & consecutive double hook-ups & even triple hook-ups that contributed to the numerous releases of Sails. All these results were from a total of 40 plus, mostly 2 day-packages, trips for the entire season of about 8.5 months.

Bluesails guide, Mike Tan is believed to have set a solo record of 6 Sails releases from popper-lure casting in a single day at the bow on Nov 2 in Rompin waters while teasing / enticing Sails to the stern for a group of very hands-on anglers fishing with livies.  A 16yr old Finnish teenager, Beda Raisen was voted as Bluesails MVP lady angler of the season for landing one of the largest Sails (abt 43kg on 22.09.2007) which appeared in Bluewater Boats & Sportfishing Magazine, Australia Dec/Jan 08 issue. We had 13yr old Andrew Remus who had 4 Sails releases on his own effort on 30 & 31st.10.2007, a season record for junior angler onboard & especially for one who had never been up close with a Sail before!

Trips with double digit scores for Sails were frequent. Sails released for the entire season could have been more, but thankfully an increasing number of anglers are opting for quality catch rather than quantity. In addition, Bluesails has been & will be advocating more in-water releases especially with double-digit scores for Billfish & the notion to “Catch Your Limit & Limit Your Catch”. There is no necessity for anglers to put a further strain on themselves & more importantly they should avoid the needless & unnecessary risk of damaging and stressing these very precious Sails. No room here for a lengthy lecture on the survival rate of released Sails in Rompin waters, but even with the best release efforts made, a significant no. of Sails are believed to have succumbed to predation & exhaustion. Hence, a practical & common sense approach is needed to protect this precious & unique fishery. Bluesails will be implementing a catch limit to 3 Sails releases per angler per day based on 4 anglers onboard using livies as bait from next season 2008. Hence, you potentially have a cap of 12 Sails releases per day if you chartered the entire trip. Lures such as the typical popper could be utilised once the catch limit has been reached for the particular angler, or perhaps other species of fish could be targeted instead.

Basically, Bluesails guides have the utmost responsibility for the well-being & welfare of Sails in these waters, besides their main job of guiding fishing clients to a hotspot or great Sailfishing hole. This is to ensure the long term sustainability of this sport-fishery & to protect it from over-zealous anglers with an insatiable quest for more Sails- irrespective of how informed they are on conservation issues. There is no glory & nothing sporting about releasing these beaten / stressed majestic Sails caught on live bait to an uncertain future. Hence, our responsibility to significantly reduce or minimize the mortality by having a catch & release limit. The well-being of Sails takes precedence overall. Period.

We had the pleasure of fishing with many more families with young kids & both young & senior couples for this season. Bluesails Islands excursions have also been a hit with families & couples alike as a private adventure getaway. It has been great for us to witness many memorable dad & son outings. The most fun-loving & sporting group for this season would be Chris Boesch & wife Sandra along with Ken Davis (who plays Japanese drums as a hobby & eats durians!) and his wife Jennifer for the weekend of 26 & 27.05.2007. Our most experienced Big Game Fishing couple was Javier Escalante & Melinda along with their buddy Mike Wilder who has boated almost or all the Billfish species fishing out of Costa Rica & Venezuela. There was a steady trend of more lady anglers opting for a combo of Sailfishing & island hopping trips. Our last trip for this season was with a Dad & son team: Ed & Clay Shwery who had a total of 13 releases for Nov 11,12th weekend.

Bluesails Sportfishing has been fortunate to be featured in the international fishing magazines, Bluewater Sportfishing & Boating - Aug/Sep 2007 & Dec/Jan 2008 issues, Fishing World – Aug 2006 issue, ActionAsia – Mar/Apr 2007 issue & is also currently listed as an international fishing charter in the websites of the prestigious Sportfishing Magazine & Marlin Magazine. We would like to thank in particular Darren Pearson & other clients that have generously contributed some action shots of Sails for the new segment on our website, Bluesails Features.

We look forward to fishing with all our regular clients & of course anyone new who has yet to experience the true fishing potential of K. Rompin in the new season of 2008! May you all have a great & blessed year ahead in 2008. Be sure to check-out our updated latest photos for 2007 season & our new Bluesails Features segment on our web.

Screaming Reels to All!

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